When Death is just a memory and tears are no more...

I was just sitting in America's Best Coffee working away, listening to some tunes on my computer, and suddenly was swept away by a line in a song. I had to play the song again. And again. And again. The song is great. The lyrics are real. And the music is inspired- balancing emotion and truth. In the last two verses of "You're Beautiful" Phil Wickham tells the story of Christ's redemption, sharing the truth of His suffering, death, burial, resurrection and ascension, and then paints a beautiful picture of the hope to come in verse four, when "death is just a memory and tears are no more", and we are united with Christ. I think the return of Christ . . . the victory of the Son of God is something that we have not made a reality in our lives. We don't think or talk about it enough. The ruler of this dark world has blinded our eyes to see that Christ has won. I want to live my life in the reality that Christ has won, He is only a breath away, and death will soon be no more. When I listen to the last verse of this song, I think about my buddy George. And my friend Earl. And their grieving brides left behind. I think of how my friend Kelli just lost a good friend to leukemia. I can't imagine when death will only be a memory and tears will be no more. And on that day the Bride will come together on eternity's shore with the Great Wedding Bells clearly ringing in the air around us. Earl & Shirley. George & Sandy. Our child we have yet to meet. My entire family. Kelli and her friend, Angela. My friends that I miss dearly and the friends that we are praying to one day receive Christ...and we will cry no more tears of sadness- perhaps only tears to say "You're beautiful." Here are the lyrics, and at iTunes you can preview and purchase the song.

I see your face in every sunrise
The colors of the morning are inside your eyes
The world awakens in the light of the day
I look up to the sky and say... You’re Beautiful

I see your pow’r in the moonlit night
Where planets are in motion and galaxies are bright
We are amazed in the light of the stars
Its all proclaiming who you are... You’re beautiful

I see you there hanging on a tree
You bled and then you died and then you rose again for me
Now you are setting on your heavenly throne
Soon you will be coming home... You’re Beautiful

When we arrive at eternity’s shore
Where death is just a memory and tears are no more
We’ll enter in as the wedding bells ring
Your bride will come together and we’ll sing... You’re Beautiful


Kelli said...

Yes, He is beautiful, and I know that Angela is laughing and worshiping our Lord with a healthy, whole body now. I'm still waiting for the "tears no more" part - I think that may still be some time away though. Thank you for the prayers! Continue praying for her husband and two girls. It just still doesn't seem quite real yet.

Jessica said...

Thank you so much for posting this, we sang this at the Calgary Onething conference the other night and it had such an impact on me but I forgot the lyrics and couldn't find them on the internet, but just now the song got "stuck in my head" and I was able to remember enough to google it and finally found it! Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

We did this song in church again this morning. I've heard it before. I've sung along before. This morning was different. Verse four came along and suddenly I was in tears. "Death is just a memory and tears are no more" How awesome! No pain. No sorrow. No more tears. Beautiful! Thanks.